News Update

Look out for my latest book, it will be out in March this year. This one is particularly dear to my heart as it deals with battered wives. I have had dealings with this issue and offer all women suffering such terrible abuse my heartfelt support. 

Dianna almost dies on the day her husband is killed in an accident at work. When his boss comes to tell her that she is now a widow he finds her battered and broken body near to death on her kitchen floor.

Lucas is a good man; hardworking and with high morals that his parents instilled in him. When he finds Dianna, it doesn't even occur to him that her husband might have done this to her.

Taking her into his home, Lucas has to break down Dianna's walls of defence and her misplaced loyalty to her dead husband.

Do you ever wonder what happened to Travis' face? How did he become a recluse hiding his scars in the shadows of The Lovett Hotel?

Now you can find out. Not only will you find out what happened but also who did this terrible thing and why.

Travis has to face his past, but the flame of twisted passions burns bright and takes many lives!

Catherine will help him to track the culprit down and to understand what he is now dealing with. But will she be in time to save Travis and keep his family safe from this spectre from his past?!

Will Caroline survive, or will the twins be forever separated?!
Find out in May this year.