Susan Elle - News Update

Hi everyone,

I've made a big decision concerning the sale of books through my website. It takes a lot of time and hard work to continually add new books and set up the pricing and download facility, therefore, I have decided that the time taken to do this would be better spent doing more writing.

For those regular people who buy directly from me, I hope this won't be too much of an inconvenience, but all of my books are available from all of the major ebook sellers.

Thanks for your understanding,
Keep sending your emails with your feedback,
Susan Elle xxx


Heart of a Lion, the second in the Langdon Trilogy is out now from all major ebook sellers.  Enjoy xxx



I promised you would see them here first, and here they are, my completed covers for the Langdon Trilogy - as designed by Jeanine Henning.

Heart & Home is already out and Heart of a Lion should be out by end October/beginning November. Enjoy xxx



The first book in the Langdon Trilogy, Heart & Home, is out now on all major ebook retailers.

Chad, Matt and Ashton, now have full responsibility for the running of the Langdon family farm. The land has been in their family for generations, but will they be able to pull together to keep it.

Disappearing after getting his heart broken, Chad Langdon leaves the farm for his brother and sister to manage.

But Ashton is a rising star in the showjumping world and has been spotted by the director of an academy that wants Ashton to join them.
That leaves Matt to run the home that he loves. But things get hard and the farm is put in jeopardy - will Fenella, the sharp tongued aristocratic beauty who is always hanging around really be able to give up her fancy lifestyle to help Matt succeed, and can Matt see past her upper-class status to let her into his heart?